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Bail Bonds

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Fort Worth Bail Bond Attorney

I Can Help You Cover Bail Expenses

In most criminal cases, after an initial hearing the defendant is offered bail so that they can await their trail in the comfort of their own home rather than a jail cell. Bail is considered “insurance” that you will return for your appointed court date. There are a few different ways to pay bail bonds in Fort Worth, and only a few of them will see your money returned to you once you have completed your final court appearance.

At the Law Office of Paul Previte, I not only offer bail bonds in Forth Worth, Texas, but in many cases, I apply a percentage of what you pay me to your attorney fees. Call your Fort Worth bail bonds lawyer today at (817) 335-4357 to discuss your case and the possibility of a bail bond.

How do Bail Bonds Work in Texas?

As mentioned previously, it is possible to have your bond expenses returned at the end of your trial. If you pay the full bond amount to the court upfront, called a “cash bond”, this money should be returned to you if you are found not guilty or plead to the charges and adhere to all the stipulations of the bond.

Bonds can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars. Not everyone will be able to afford this charge upfront, but you do have options. You can pay a Fort Worth bail bondsman a percentage of your bond, typically somewhere between 10 to 20 percent, and have them post the bond for you. You will not get this money back, but it will allow the defendant to be released from jail while they await trial.

Bail bondsmen will suffer serious losses if you violate the terms of your bond, which is why they usually maintain frequent contact with their clients to make sure they are adhering to the rules. If you attempt to flee, bail bondsmen are authorized to send bounty hunters after you and force you to attend your court hearings. They can also sue you for breach of contract.

You Can Fight for Bail in Court

If you have not yet had bail set or you have been given an extremely high bail, as a Fort Worth bail bondsman, I can fight to ensure you receive a fair bail that you can reasonably afford. Additionally, if your bail is very high, it is possible that you can cover all of your attorney fees with my firm simply by paying for my bail bond services.

Here are the benefits of hiring a Fort Woth bail bond lawyer:

  • Gives personalized advice and service
  • Offers an understanding of the bail bonds process
  • Provides legal representation in court
  • Assists with filing paperwork related to setting up or paying off a bail bond
  • Has extensive knowledge about local laws and regulations regarding bail bond issues
  • Can help you better understand your options
  • Helps negotiate with the courts, ensuring a more favorable outcome for the defendant
  • Negotiates with other parties involved in the case, such as insurance companies or creditors

Since the Law Office of Paul Previte is a law firm first and bail bondsman second, I typically charge a smaller percentage than private bond agencies to cover bail. Call your Fort Worth bail bond attorney today if you need help posting bail in any North Texas cities.

To discuss your bail bond with the Law Office of Paul Previte, please call (817) 335-4357.

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