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Second Chance Law

Second Chance Law in Texas

Fort Worth Expunction Attorney

If you’ve been convicted of a DWI or other minor, nonviolent offense, you may be able to hide the conviction from the public eye. Under House Bill 3016, dubbed the “second chance law,” certain criminal offenders are able to petition for an order of nondisclosure. If the petition is granted, the offender’s DWI or other offense will be completely sealed from the public, thereby giving you your freedom and peace of mind back.

If you have a criminal record available to the public, it can be incredibly difficult to apply for housing, get a loan, get a job, and more. Thanks to House Bill 3016, you may have a second chance at a new life. I am prepared to use my experience as a Fort Worth expunction lawyer to help.

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About House Bill 3016

There are certain restrictions and criteria under House Bill 3016, and you want an attorney who is intimately familiar with all of them. For example, you can only petition for an order or nondisclosure for a DWI after the second anniversary of your sentence’s completion has passed. Also, certain criminal offenses cannot be sealed due to their nature or severity, such as murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

Your DWI conviction may not qualify under House Bill 3016 if:

  • The DWI occurred within the last two years (five years if there was no interlock device)
  • The DWI involved an accident with another person
  • The DWI had a finding that showed the BAC was greater than 0.15
  • The DWI was a second or third offense

As a criminal lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, including my experience as a prosecutor and judge, I have a comprehensive understanding of all the related laws, proceedings, and paperwork associated with the new second chance law. If an appropriate avenue is available, I will ask the judge to seal your records in a timely and professional manner, allowing you to return to your normal, happy life.

To get started, contact my firm at 817-335-4357. I serve Fort Worth and all of North Texas.