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Do You Need A Fort Worth Bail Bond Attorney?

By royarghya

If you’ve been arrested for a bailable criminal offense, you’ll need more than a Criminal Attorney Fort Worth. You have to be ready to post bail while waiting for the court trial or stay in jail. A bail is the amount set by the court for the conditional release of the suspect. The condition is that the suspect should appear in court if needed during the scheduled court hearings or face immediate arrest and the forfeiture of the bail amount paid.The amount of the bail is set by the judge based on the crime the suspect is accused of, the suspect’s criminal record and other conditions specified by law.The arrested suspect may pay the full amount in cash or through a bond which is a written guarantee for the payment of the full bail amount if the suspect Jumps bail or fails to appear in court as scheduled. There are bond agencies that provide these bail bonds for a fee.If you need bail bond in North Texas, including the Mid Cities and Tarrant County, call us right away. Similar to other bond agencies, you will pay 5 to 10 % of the total bond amount. However, unlike the other bond agencies, you can save because the bond fee will be deducted from the attorney’s fees if you will be represented by the law office of Paul Previte.

Don’t delay the release of your loved one or friend from jail. Make that call to arrange for bail bonds fort worth.


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