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Stop Light Cameras Prove to be Profitable

By royarghya

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and have ran a red light, there’s a good chance that you received a ticket in the mail shortly after thanks to a red light camera. These cameras have been on the rise throughout the area and are proving to be quite profitable for many cities.

The objective of a red light camera is to deter drivers from running red lights and thus decrease the occurrence of accidents at intersections. The added city revenue seems to be an added bonus.

Over the course of four years, a red light camera at the intersection of Cooper and Pioneer in Arlington generated $2.5 million! That’s off ONE camera and ONE intersection.

So far, the City of Fort Worth has earned $23 million from its red light cameras according to city records. But when it comes to preventing car crashes at intersections, they appear to be working.

The Texas Transportation Institute conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of these cameras. The study reported a 26% reduction in the occurrence of red light crashes after the installation of red light cameras.

If you received a traffic violation as a result of a red light camera and need traffic ticket defense, give me a call today!

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