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First Time Drug Offenders in Fort Worth

By royarghya

When one hears the term “first time drug offenders in Fort Worth“, the mind immediately sees pictures of a variety of seedy looking people living on the wrong side of the tracks. While that certainly can be the case, it isn’t the rule… in fact, first time drug offenders are can be just about anyone everywhere.

Many first time drug offenders are veterans, college students, parents, full-time employees, celebrities and politicians alike. They can be rich or poor, black or white, good Samaritans and troublemakers. Illegal narcotics exist purely to take advantage of ordinary people… benefiting only those unscrupulous individuals who make profit from them.

Dismissing the Case – First Time Drug Offenders

A lone drug arrest shouldn’t be enough to ruin all of your steady hard work. Of all first time drug offenders, very few are arrested on sight in the act of using drugs. By far the most common way drugs are discovered is during routine traffic stops in an automobile. Many times people are pulled over for driving awkwardly and are found to be under the influence of legitimate prescription drugs.

Based on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, a number of defenses can be utilized such as:

  • Investigate the legality of the traffic stop
  • Present any discovered constitutional violations
  • Expose any racial profiling during the traffic stop
  • Push to have your case dismissed completely

The ideal outcome for first time drug offenders is having their case dropped and theirrecord cleared of the charges brought up against them. The Law Office of Paul Previte is focused on helping the accused reach this very conclusion.

Help me, Paul! – First Time Drug Offenders

The Law Office of Paul Previte is here to help first time drug offenders inFort Worth, TX get their case dismissed and their records clean. Not every drug offender is a violent, unrepentant, criminal mastermind – Many are every day people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Law Office of Paul Previte is here to help you protect your prospects in the event of a drug arrest. We understand the amount of time, money, and work that many people invest in themselves for their future… and it’s tragic to see a single mistake wipe away all of that potential. Let us help you keep your future looking bright!

Contact The Law Offices of Paul Previte today with all of your questions!


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