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Unknown Consequences Of A Marijuana Arrest

By royarghya

Despite sweeping policy and perception changes across the country regarding marijuana use, it remains illegal in Texas. Although the penalty generally isn’t as severe as with other Schedule I substances, an arrest can come with some devastating consequences. We’ll go over a few of them with you:


  • Your child or dependent could get taken away from you.
  • If you get charged with manufacture or sale, your home, car, and other property could get taken away (sometimes without even getting charged, through civil asset forfeiture).
  • You can lose your student loans.
  • Your right to vote can be forfeited (for a felony arrest).
  • Your right to own a firearm can be forfeited (for a felony arrest).
  • You can lose any government assistance programs.
  • You can lose the possibility of adopting a child.
  • You can lose the ability to leave the country (for a felony arrest).
  • Future job prospects may get lost due to your record.

If you’ve gotten charged with a marijuana offense, don’t give up yet. Call The Law Office of Paul Previte so that we can get to work on your case. You can reach us at (817) 335-4357.


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