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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer for Possession of Marijuana

By royarghya

Drug-related offenses range from a simple possession to distribution or selling and mass production or manufacturing. Other factors that determine the severity of the penalties are the amount and the type of drug.

In Texas, conviction for possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana could land you in jail for a maximum of 180 days plus a $2000 fine. The penalties increase as the quantity of drug increases and could reach to 99 years or life imprisonment. Other consequences of the conviction are suspension of your driver’s license and other lost opportunities for those with criminal records such as eligibility for student loans, some Federal aids or disqualification from certain jobs.

If you have been arrested or charged in court for possession of a very small amount of marijuana, take the case seriously. Immediately call a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and guide you in this complicated case. It’s important to find a Fort Worth drug defense lawyer who can try to get your case dismissed.

The Law Offices of Paul Previte serves the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as well as all Texas counties. Call (817) 335-4357 for a free initial consultation.


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