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The Importance of Cleaning A Criminal Record

By royarghya

A criminal record will reduce your opportunities in life. Many organizations or companies are wary of people who don’t know how to respect the law. You can’t blame them because joining a company or organization requires compliance with their respective rules and regulations.

Surely, this is not fair if you were wrongly arrested or charged for crimes you did not commit. Even if your case has been dismissed or you have been acquitted, the record of your arrest remains unless the records are destroyed through expunction or expungement. Here are some of the opportunities you could miss because of your criminal record:

1. Employment – Many employers would rather hire someone without a criminal record. If you get hired because you kept information about your criminal record secret, you could be legally terminated if it’s discovered later.

2. Higher Education – The Higher Education Act of 1998 disqualifies students convicted of drug-related offenses from any loan, grant or work assistance. In addition, a criminal record may disqualify you from admission to some learning institutions.

3. Professional Licenses and Certifications – Some criminal records may prevent you from obtaining professional state licenses and certifications.

4. Federal Assistance – Your criminal record may disqualify you for federally assisted housing.

5. Housing- Private landlords and residents of an apartment building may legally deny housing to someone with a criminal record.

6. Loans – Your criminal record could disqualify you from loans or you could be charged with higher interest rates. Some offenses may also cause the denial of student loans or financial aid.

7. Regular Insurance Rates – Insurance companies may charge you with higher insurance premiums or consider you “uninsurable.”

8. Right to Firearm License – Criminal records can greatly limit gun ownership.

9. Adoption – The criminal records of adoptive parents are subject to investigation. Some cases may disqualify you from adopting a child.

Not all offenses can be subject for expunction. Don’t take chances. Get an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Fort Worth who handles Expunctions and Expungements. The Law Offices of Paul Previte serves clients in the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and all Texas counties who want to petition for the expunction or expungement of their criminal records


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