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Federal Bail Bonds Overview

County Bail Bonds, State Bail Bonds, and Federal Bail Bonds are the three main kinds of bail bonds available. Smaller offenses require smaller bail bonds than larger crimes (or felonies). Chances are, if you are inquiring about a Federal Bail Bond, the accused in question is dealing with very serious crimes. Federal Bail Bonds can […]

Recording Police

Video evidence of police interaction can sometimes be the difference between a conviction and freedom. Often in the courtroom, it’s a police officer’s word against the defendant’s; and the officer’s testimony carries more weight. If you’re going to record when you’re being stopped by police, it’s important to know the rules. Often-times they will confiscate […]

Unknown Consequences Of A Marijuana Arrest

Despite sweeping policy and perception changes across the country regarding marijuana use, it remains illegal in Texas. Although the penalty generally isn’t as severe as with other Schedule I substances, an arrest can come with some devastating consequences. We’ll go over a few of them with you: Consequences: If you’ve gotten charged with a marijuana offense, don’t […]

First Time Drug Offenders in Fort Worth

When one hears the term “first time drug offenders in Fort Worth“, the mind immediately sees pictures of a variety of seedy looking people living on the wrong side of the tracks. While that certainly can be the case, it isn’t the rule… in fact, first time drug offenders are can be just about anyone […]

Police Body Cams

After the events surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, police have been under public scrutiny for using excessive force. As a result, many police departments around the country are starting to invest in police body cameras to hold their officers more accountable, show an accurate portrayal of the situations they encounter, and […]

Weatherford teens face charges for rock throwing

Last week, two Weatherford teenagers were charged with multiple felonies for throwing objects off a bridge onto passing cars. Victims include four semi-trucks and 10 passenger vehicles. Passengers on Interstate 20 reported that two 14-year-old boys were throwing rocks and railroad spikes into oncoming traffic from a bridge. It took Weatherford Police several attempts to […]

The Importance of Expungement

Expunge means to erase, remove or wipe out. When a criminal case is expunged, a judge issues an order that the charges and all related documents to the charge must be destroyed, including arrest records. Any entity that has a copy of the charges must abide by the judge’s order, and you can legally deny […]

Buckle Up or Pay

Since 2002, Texas law enforcement agencies have been teaming up with TxDoT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to raise awareness about the safety benefits of wearing a seat belt through the Click It or Ticket campaign. Regardless if you are riding in the driver set, passenger seat, or back seat, failure […]

Stop Light Cameras Prove to be Profitable

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and have ran a red light, there’s a good chance that you received a ticket in the mail shortly after thanks to a red light camera. These cameras have been on the rise throughout the area and are proving to be quite profitable for many cities. […]